Mother of Two….

I’m not pregnant…let me just go ahead and put that out there. Don’t worry…whenever I am, you’ll be the first to know.

We’ve added another four-legged member to the fam….yep, we rescued a puppy. A yappy, bitey, chewy puppy. A Kleenex-eating, cat-annoying, house-tinkling puppy. An adorable, homeless, scared puppy. And I am woefully unprepared.

Meet Indiana Wallenda:


She was rescued off the side of a major highway by a Good Samaritan, and they could not keep her. This has all happened about a month earlier than we were planning and, as such, the house isn’t ready and I certainly wasn’t ready…although I doubt I would have ever been after what I’ve experienced in the last two weeks.

What a huge learning curve for someone who is used to cats. Thankfully, Joey is out of school and is handing the bulk of the responsibility. I’m thankful. I know this is worth it. I do. I’m just stressed. I long for days when I can sit and think about knitting, or reading, or writing…anything, really.

But watching this little crackhead will do for now…



2 thoughts on “Mother of Two….

    • Thanks :-). Not so great of a mom today..she discovered that she can jump on the couch. And she chased Shelli under the couch again.

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