And the Drama Begins…

Nothing super-dramatic, really.  Joey had a rough time getting the camper out of the backyard because it was still muddy from the colossal monsoon we had Saturday.  Backing the trailer into its spot will be an adventure on Thursday when we get to the campground.  Random things that happened:

  1. Shelli always has to be in the bathroom with me when I’m pooping.  It’s kind of strange.  Anyway, I was in there today and she jumped on the counter and gave me a head bonk.  And it was apparent that she had just finished up in her own litterbox.  Litter-smell right up the nose.  Ew.
  2. I started Jillian Michael’s Thirty Day Shred this morning.  It was challenging.  Much moreso because I was barely conscious at 5 am and hadn’t thought to put on the following:  sports bra, ankle wrap, socks, gym clothes, or tennis shoes.  Yep, I stumbled into the living room, half-alive, and proceeded to jump around for thirty minutes in my pajamas without any support for either my boobs or ankles.  Smart move.
  3. I went outside after Joey and his folks got back from his “camper-backing dry run” and spent ten minutes outside and managed to get thrice-bitten by mosquitos and once by a fire ant.  All on my ankles/toe.  So my big toe is killing me.  I was going to take a picture of the bite, but I forgot to shave my toes this morning and I’d rather just tell you about my hairy big toe than show you.
  4. I think I’ve hit self-destruct mode with this bridesmaid dress.  I’ve lost twenty pounds, yes, but as the fitting draws closer and closer, I find myself wanting to eat indiscriminately, as though sabatoging myself is somehow “sticking it to the man.”  How utterly ridiculous.
  5. I have a new obsession with seltzer water.  I don’t know why.  It’s wonderful.  Especially with a twist of lime:).  I’ve always been a big water-drinker, but adding fizzy bubbles to it without any artificial flavors/sweeteners?  It’s perfect!  It’s like the things I like best about both water and soda wrapped up in a nice, fizzy, cheap package!!
  6. Shhh….don’t tell anyone, but I’m about to make a HUGE appearance change tomorrow!!

Yep, that’s the musty, litterbox-headed culprit right there.