February Photo-a-Day Challenge!

Since October, my friends and I have been participating in various Photo-a-Day projects; it’s been an excellent challenge and has even turned out a few marginally decent photos:

pumpkins, gourds, fall, Trader Joe's

Sun, morning, office, cubicle

Shelli, Cat, sunbeam, bliss

knitting, scarf, lacework

Until this point, I’d been picking our projects from Pinterest, which was easy, but some were pretty lackluster.  After January’s selection, our group decided that each of us would take a month and would create our own challenge.  I picked February, and here’s what we’ve got:


I’d love to see you participate!  Just make sure to tag your photos (on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram) “#February” and “#photoaday.” Tag me in the comments (@melbweaver on Instagram and @Melbo19 on Twitter); I’d love to see your pictures and (with permission, of course) I may even share some on the blog!