Wordless Wednesday: A Day in My Life

A Blank Journal Page to Start the day

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Best Friends

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I Got Nothing…

This is happening right now:


You may notice that she’s in her harness.  We’re trying to get her used to it as we are working on getting an ultralight camper in the (relatively) near future and we want to be able to take her with us, which would require that she be on the harness/leash pretty constantly.  After half an hour of flopping around like she was dying, she’s discovered that the harness is not a torture device and is contentedly napping between my knees.

Today is supposed to be a thesis-working day, but thus far, I’ve made myself breakfast and watched the DVRed season premier of The Deadliest Catch.  I do intend to work hard on it today, though.  I promise (Dad).

The past few weeks haven’t been so great, honestly.  I need an adjustment to my meds, which won’t be coming until the 29th, and I’m going to have to pay out-of-pocket, which also sucks.  Work has been really stressful, which is both good (we’re getting more business, which is *excellent* for us) and bad (I’m having trouble keeping up with it all). My grandma fell and broke her wrist and her hip and had to have surgery.  We did get a nice weekend in the mountains last weekend, though (pictures to come…it was beautiful).

Unfortunately, this week showed me the ugly side of corporate America.  We had some “restructuring” which didn’t impact me directly, but affected the guy who took a chance on me six years ago and hired me even though I didn’t have any experience and knew nothing about the industry.  He’s a really good man and a good leader, and I feel blessed to have gotten to work for him.  He’ll still be with us, but in a different capacity, and it’s been a really hard thing to process while trying to keep up morale among us.  I still have a job, though, and I am grateful for that.  And I’m even more grateful that I love my team.

I’m also struggling with trying to let go of the desire to accomodate everyone.  I’ve always been that way, and it often leads me into friendships where I care about the other person more than they care about me…which breeds a lot of resentment on my end.  Detaching myself from that is something that I’m vowing to work on.

There’s no detaching me from this right now, though:



Holy Cow, I’m Leaving For New York Today!


See above…that’s one of my favorite things about camping…campfire coffee.  We haven’t yet perfected the flavor, but there’s something about drinking coffee made over a fire.  Something other than the fact that it is approximately four degrees hotter than the temperature of magma straight from the center of the earth and that it takes about an hour to cool down enough so that you don’t reduce your tongue to a spasming mass of steaming blisters the moment said coffee-magma touches it.  But, I digress.

I posted the coffee pictures mostly because I didn’t have anything new and interesting to post and because I felt like I could tangentially relate it to the fact that I’m sitting here right now finishing a cup of coffee while getting ready to finsh packing the few final things before Katie and her Dad come and get me so that we can meet the rest of the gang at church and head to the airport to probably drink more coffee but then, after that, to get on a plane and head for NEW YORK!!!  Holy Cow!!!  I can’t believe it’s finally here!!  And my left ear still needs to pop!!!  Blah.  But, still, I’m going to New York!!!

It’s been exactly ten years since I went to NY…I actually went right about this time in October in 2000 with an Art class I was taking at Wingate.  We only got to go for a weekend, and we packed so much into that.  Last time, I went with a guy I was crushing on.  This time, I get to go with my BFF, Katie :).  I wish Joey could have gone, but it was expensive enough for just me, so it’ll be me and Katie tearing it up in NY!

I decided to do another simple cabled scarf (like the one I did during our trip to Ohio) because I gave my first one to Heather (mama needs a present too!), and I liked it so much, and I wanted something mindless and easy that I could work on while in flight.  I’m also bringing my netbook, because I’m hoping that my early-bird tendencies will allow me time to do schoolwork and blog.

I actually got almost all of my packing done yesterday in hopes to keep this morning drama-free (you know how much I hate packing).  I’m hopeful that I don’t snore, since there are four of us sharing the hotel room.  I guess I’ll offer to sleep in the tub if I do.

Well, guys, enjoy your weekend.  I may not post depending on our schedule, but I’ll have plenty of picture when I return:)