Cat-Related Confessions

  1. I cry every time we leave for vacation because I don’t want to leave her.  This is one of the major reasons we bought a camper.
  2. I kiss Shelli on the lips. 
  3. Joey lets her lick his goatee.
  4. I let her drink out of my water glass.  She’s not a happy camper now that I’m on a seltzer-water kick.
  5. We put a litter box next to my side of the bed because she was peeing in the corner.  We attributed it to her feeling that it wasn’t fair that our bathroom was just a few feet away and hers was across the house. (she sleeps with us).
  6. I dressed her in a onesie for our family Christmas picture back in 2008, I think.  She was NOT a happy camper, and the look on her face was pretty shocking.  I sustained injury after the photo was taken.
  7. If a huge disaster was to strike, I would very likely rescue her first before helping people.
  8. Shelli does this thing where she stretches out and grabs her perch and does this crazy pull-up.  It’s pretty badass.  We call it her Bruce Willis Move.
  9. We have to play “Scarykins” every night where we shuffle around the house so that Shelli can hide behind something and jump out at us and then run away.  Sometimes, if I run away from her and jump onto our bed, she’ll follow me, jump up, totally freak out, and then run away.  It’s kind of awesome.
  10. Her favorite toys:  her white fuzzy mouse, her catnip cigar, her chirping mouse (it chirps every time it touches a surface.  Freaks the crap out of us at night when she starts playing with that thing), the toe of a sock that I cut off and filled with catnip.  And my hair ties.  There are hundreds of ponytail holders around the house and I can’t find ANY of them.
  11. We can’t put boxes or baskets out anymore because she thinks they’re litterboxes and pees in them.
  12. I wish I could be at home because I could spend all day with her.
  13. She smells really good.  Other cat people will understand this…there’s something about the kitteh smell that is wonderful.

Don’t judge me.