Dinner, Dessert, and Parmesan Popcorn In Bed…

Crappy day + awesome husband = dinner, dessert, and popcorn in a preheated bed with my netbook at my bedside.

Shelli crept up on my popcorn like it was a big, scary monster.  Hilarity ensued, which scared her away.  Usually, she’s only interested in Asian food.

I found this site off the LOL Cats site:  Failbooking .  Totally funny.  Between that and This Pic of Daisy the Curly Cat, I’m a little less prickly.

Three women figure skaters thus far that we’ve watched, three falls.

Here’s some Kins-goodness:

I so was not trying to mack on your popcorn.  I was just smelling it.  Geez.