Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, So Sue Me…

Life…busy….blahblahblah.  Truthfully, I haven’t felt much like blogging.  A little bit of an identity crisis and some talk therapy later, I’m feeling much better and back to my old self.  I’ve been wanting very much to try to make a run at professional blogging, not necessarily to replace my current income, but, first, to make a difference and second, to turn into some sort of business-y thing.  I love to write and I’ve always felt drawn to it.  So, anyway…all of that to say that I’ve drug out my food blog, Eating Back to Good, again, and I’m refocusing it on something at which I am an expert:  the emotional/philosophical/physical struggle of losing weight.

On a VERY exciting note:  Joey has gotten the paperwork filed to be a BUSINESS!!!  Keep checking Tobacco Road Creations.  We’re working on getting pictures of his prints up, and there will be MUCH more to come (and products other than prints).  We’re going to do our first Antique show in September, the Antiques and Collectibles Show at Metrolina Expo.  From what I saw after visiting last month, I think that we should do pretty well; we have realistic expectations of what our products are worth, so our items will be affordable!  Come check us out if you’re in the area.  If you want more details, you can email me directly and I’ll get something together for you!

Yesterday, we hiked Linville Falls; it was about three miles (we hiked in our Vibrams!!), and it was so worth it.  The view was insanely beautiful.  Here’s just a taste:

And, for those of you who wondered, Shelli continues to be Maven of Mischief of the Weaver Household:

You talkin’ to me??