I Am A Runner

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Hi.  My name is Melanie, and I am a runner.  I can’t run a mile yet.  Actually, I can’t even run ten minutes straight yet, but I am a runner nonetheless.  I am a runner because I run.  Not just because I want to run, but because I put feet to pavement (ok…to treadmill…seriously, it’s 100* outside with 110% humidity, and I’m not stupid).

I am a runner because I’ve almost grasped that moment where everything in my body is working in harmony and I’m humming along, feeling like I can conquer the whole world with the power in my legs and feet.  I am a runner.  I am a runner because, despite my frantically gasping for air (breathe through your freaking nose, you idiot!), being slightly off-balance, and mouthing the words to *NSYNC (thereby rendering myself a complete gym-dork to everyone around me), I keep on running.

I am a runner.  I am a runner because, despite the fact that I cannot seem to get my shoes and socks to fit right so that I don’t get blisters, I’m still going to run tomorrow (albeit probably with moleskin, bandaids, and duct tape).

I am a runner.  I am a runner because I know that, in some weeks, I’ll compete in my first 5K.  I won’t win.  I don’t expect to.  But I will finish.  And the next one will be easier.

My name is Melanie, and I am a runner.