Christmas To-Dos

  1. Knit another five or six gifts (thankfully, small ones)
  2. Figure out what I want to make as my “edible gift.”
  3. Make said “edible gift.”
  4. Find superbly-awesome and thrifty/recycled wrapping material/style.
  5. Wrap said gifts in said superbly-awesome/thrifty/recycled wrapping material.
  6. Cook Christmas lunch (Chili…OH yeah!!)
  7. Avoid sweets at work (stay awaaaaay).
  8. Survive the office with almost everyone gone (No, I CAN’T help you.  No one can.  Call back after the Holidays.  KTHXBai!!)

Oh, and it’s the Solstice today, so happy Solstice….and for the fundies out there, no, it doesn’t automatically make me a pagan to say that.  Solstice has been incredibly important to just about all of the indigenous cultures of our world.  From this point foward, the days get longer again…thank goodness:).

Have some tea:

And a Kins:

And enjoy your night:)