Knitting Frustration

Here’s a pic of Shelli mid-bath.  Tonight has been a little frustrating.  The freaking Droid will not sync with Picasa, so I’m having to email my pictures to it so that I can get them on my netbook.  Seriously.  Bleh.

And, I’ve been knitting this incredibly cute baby “blanket buddy” for an upcoming baby shower, but I’m using Hobby Lobby’s Lambie Pie, which is nearly impossible to knit with and not nearly as soft as it feels at first blush (but it will be soft for the baby…just not for the poor fingers that are trying to WEDGE the needles together to knit the freaking thing).  I changed the pattern when I got to the shaping of the head because the pattern seemed like it was going to make the character’s head look like a giant SQUARE.  So, I switched and started knitting in the round and now my fingers are super sore.  Balls.

Anyway, the next baby project I’m working on will be with natural cotton, so I won’t have the same problem in a few short days:).

There are other things brewing, but nothing bloggable at this point.  That is all:).

Getting There…It’s a Process

How about a ghostly silhouette of Shelli taken a couple of hours ago before I promptly fell out into nap-bliss.  Shelli has wrought havoc, snuggled, and has now returned to the windowsill behind the towel, enjoying views of the outside and the birds.  And, hopefully, not the Tomcat that seems to have decided that Shelli is hot stuff.  Two nights ago, he tormented her…Joey had to scare him off twice and he brought a “present” for us, which Joey was able to ascertain was the leg of a bird.  Thanks, Tom.  It’s a wonder that Shelli hasn’t peed EVERYWHERE, but I’ve been doing lots of encouraging and loving and reminding her that she’s our little princess and no stupid Tomcat can take her place.  Unfortunately, she got sick while we were out on our breakfast/Hobby Lobby excursion today, so we came home to puke piles in a few places all over the living room.  She’s been a little puny, so I hope it’s just a little bug or something that’ll work itself out.

Life has much turmoil right now; that, and letting Joey use my netbook for his paper are why I haven’t blogged much in the last two weeks.  Nothing bloggable at this point, unfortunately, so I’ll just be praying and seeing what happens and then we’ll go from there.  However, I will say that I am more positive than I have been in a long time in life’s direction and regaining my creativity and a sense of purpose.

On the knitting front, I’ve finished my cabled scarf that I was working on during our Ohio trip a couple of weeks ago!  And, I bought some yarn for a baby gift that I’m working on for my favorite HEAB‘s forthcoming HEABlet.

So, all in all, things are pretty good.  Joey is working on his final paper, which I’ll proofread next Friday, and then next Saturday, we’re going HIKING!!  Yay!!  This’ll be my first hiking trip since I sprained my ankle last year.  I don’t think I’ll need to wrap my ankles, and I’m really excited to try hiking in my Vibram Fivefingers:).  I think that’ll be interesting and hopefully it’ll help me to have better contact with the trail.

Stay tuned for further updates:).

FO: Knitted Poop

Pattern:  Sweatshop of Love’s Knitted Happy/Sad Poo Pattern

Yarn:  All kinds; whatever I had around

I made this for my friend James who’s currently serving in Iraq until this summer.  We are kindred spirits in poop humor, so I knew this would be a total hit.  He finally got the box this week, so now I can post pictures of my first (successful) stuffed “animal” (or…excrement).

Fitting It All In…

This has really been an excellent weekend, albeit there’s been a lot on my plate.  I mistakenly scheduled two of my big presentations for classes on the same week, and I had to spend most of the weekend working on the paper that was due Friday and then the presentation for today (and now I’m furiously reading a novel for the other class so that I can do my other roll for the week).

However, I also made sure to take time for myself and for fun; there’s been much knitting!  I finished my mom’s scarf, so I got to give that to her for Valentine’s Day.

I’m working on this pattern for my Olympics project…isn’t it cool??  I’m partway up the first sleeve, so I’m hoping to finish my novel early enough today that I’ll have plenty of knitting time (since I haven’t perfected turning pages with my toes yet;)).  We’re mailing James’s present tomorrow, so I’ll be able to post my most recent knitted project soon!

We got five inches of snow Friday night!!

It was SO beautiful!  The drive home from the in-laws’ house was pretty harrowing Friday night because none of the roads were treated, but it was the perfect kind of snow…soft, powdery, beautiful, and mostly melted by later Saturday afternoon.  The kids got to play and build snowmen, but the roads were totally fine by Sunday morning!  We piled up and stayed in and watched MST3K and the Olympics while I knitted and did school stuff!

Joey and I really aren’t that big on Valentine’s Day…I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with it, but it’s like Christmas with the commercialism.  We’ve done gifts in the past (one year, Joey bought me an organic cotton shirt from the Mutts Comic website with Mooch and Earl on it that said “Saving the world, one kitty at a time”), but usually we just wait until the weekend after V-Day and go to a new restaurant as a special night.  We’ll have to pick someplace this week:).

Last night, we had two of my girlfriends over, Shannon and Katie, and we did an Italian FEAST for them, with salad, buttered whole-grain bread, baked ziti, and tiramisu.  We just hung out and knitted and watched the Olympics; it was great!!

On the dockett for today:  Hobby Lobby for some yarn, grocery shopping, and then reading, reading, reading, and more reading!  Also, I’m looking for a new devotional book…anyone have any suggestions?

Here’s a send-off pic of my little baby Valentine:)

Apologetic Update Stuff

It’s been quite a dramatic week, and I haven’t felt like posting when I get home from work.  I’ve also been putting a lot of thought into what I want to do with my writing this year.  I quit writing for the Examiner website because I really don’t have time to do what they’ve asked for as their new requirements.  I’m making a TINY bit of money from views on my food blog, so I’m just trying to figure out where I want to go from here.

So, in totally random order:

Frugality:  We’ve spent about $25 in takeout already this month.  Poor planning this past week brought on by not being able to go out last weekend contributed greatly to that, as did work stress.  We were at $55 for groceries, because we had to buy coffee, so I anticipate that we’ll be under this week:).

Fitness:  Hit the gym once this week.  I’m a little bummed about that, but again with the stress thing…when we’ve had free time, we’ve wanted to spend it catching up on sleep.  Next week, we intend to hit the gym Monday, Thursday, and Friday at least.

Knitting:  Just finished an AWESOME gift for our friend in Iraq.  I’ll show a picture once he gets it…he reads the blog, so I don’t want to spoil it:).  I ripped the bell-sleeved shrug.  I just didn’t like the way it was turning out.  I have a hat pattern in queue that I’m going to start on next, I think.  And I made great headway on Mom’s skinny scarf this week while our friend Amy was over:).

Grad School:  Had to read two novels this past week (which was a major source of stress).  No novels this week, just some supplementary information that I don’t think will take very long.

Shelli:  adorable, wonderful, fabulous, and perfect in every way, as usual.

Apparently Joey got a hold of the camera while we were sleeping…

Our Taxes are done (hooray!).  I’m getting a Vita-Mix with some of the refund money!!!! Watching MST3K.  Will be knitting soon…

Things I Think I’ve Forgotten to Mention This Week…

Frugality:  Grocery costs totalled $40 this week…ten bucks under budget.  This month’s takeout is a little over….about $65.  I went out with my friend Sarah for Mexican on Tuesday…unplanned, but very worthwhile expense.  I’m all for budgeting, but I don’t want to forsake hanging out with a friend who needs some time out of the house. 

Knitting:  I worked on my mom’s skinny scarf at choir last night.  I need to work on my bell-sleeved shrug, too.  From reading other knitters’ comments about this pattern, it appears that I’m not the only one who noticed that it was waaaaaaaaay too short.  Someone gave the measurements for how long they knitted the sleeves and back, so I’m back in the game.  And, on a slightly unrelated note, I got a solo on a pretty awesome song for our conference in March.  Yay!

Grad School:  Discussion posts done for World Lit.  Will commence discussion posts for Asian-American Lit soon.  Good reading, good movies.  Lots of work.

Eating:  Not great…I weighed myself this morning.  We’ll leave it at that.

Work:  This week, I’ve discovered yet another new way that I’m just like my father (which I definitely don’t mind, fyi).  Meetings are worthless.  Just leave me alone and let me do my job.  I’ll be much happier that way.  So will my clients.

Weather:  Today:  Sunny and 60.  Tomorrow: Cold and Rainy.  Tomorrow night/Saturday am:  1-4 inches of snow.  The grocery stores are packed.  People must have bread and milk.  I swear, in the South, I think that even VEGANS buy milk when they hear that snow is coming.  Perhaps it’s a conspiracy between the grocery industry and the dairy board…hmmm…

Shelli:  We haven’t had a pee incident in a month.  She is now allowed in the bedroom without supervision and we’re not shutting the bathroom door anymore.  The toy of the day has been the mouse on wheels that Gma-Gpa got her for Christmas.  She drug it out of her basket last night.  It rolls really fast if you pull it backward and then push it forward.

TV:  Fell asleep during our taped-watching of NCIS.  The State of the Union Address meant no Criminal Minds.  No McGee and No Dr. Reid….a sad week…

Fitness:  Killer workouts on Monday and today.  Will probably go back tomorrow.  Joey worked out with his friend (and drill-instructor) Wesley.  He keeps crying every time he coughs.

I wish Shelli didn’t always look pissed when I take a pic.  I also don’t get many “in motion” photos in the winter.  The house is on 60*.  She ain’t moving.

So many toys, so little time…

Grad School Miscellany…

So, a post that isn’t entirely centered around food, finally;).  I’m taking Asian American Lit this semester, and I just got done watching a movie called Picture Bride.  I have to be honest, I haven’t had a whole lot of luck with the films I’ve had to watch for my classes thus far (with the exception of Smoke Signals).  Boy, was I in for a pleasant surprise!  This film is a masterpiece…absolutely fantastic…a beautiful love story built around the concept of the “picture brides,” Japanese girls who were sent from Japan to marry laborers in the can fields in Hawai’i.  It was amazing.  If you ever get a chance to watch it, I definitely recommend it.  And if you’re local, I’ll be more than happy to loan it to you!

One of the best things about this one was that not all of it was in subtitles…there was some actual English, so I was able to get another repeat done on my bell-sleeved shrug.  However, I was looking at the pattern and I don’t think that the girl made the length right, so I’ll have to make some adjustments, I think.

On some slightly food-related news, yesterday, Joey bought me this:

Yep, a pastry board!  I have been bummed since we bought the house that I didn’t have a good place to make and knead dough.  I didn’t like to use the counters, and we have a rolling kitchen cart, but it’s got a built-in cutting board, so kneading on it makes a mess.  I’d been using my big plastic cutting board, but that’s not been working well because…well, plastic is sticky!  So, we saw this at the Wally World yesterday and Joey told me to have at it!  I used it last night for the Sweet Potato Gnocchi!

Well, that’s all I’ve got for tonight, folks.  It’s been a good night…good trip to the gym that left me feeling pretty exhausted, good dinner, good movie…I’m ready to go to bed:)