Trying Not to Waste a Saturday

I’m really bad about making great plans to do things on Saturday (like cleaning) and then ending up in the recliner for eight hours, unbathed and slovenly.  At least we started with a healthy breakfast this morning; Joey talked me down off the food-tantrum ledge (I’m bad about getting super frustrated when food isn’t “easy” and we don’t have exactly what I want) and made some protein pancakes that were pretty delicious.  I’ll post the recipe soon after we do a little tweaking.

Protein pancakes

I’ve promised myself that I’ll hop in the shower at 11 and then start knitting a hat for a very special little girl while Joey finishes up the laundry room.  The next organizing task for me is the closet.  I’ve got stuff hanging in there that I haven’t worn since we moved into the house seven years ago (or even before that; for some reason, I couldn’t let go of a few items that I haven’t worn since college and let’s be honest…even if I keep on the weight loss trajectory I’m on, I’m never going to be 115 pounds again).  I doubt I’ll get to it today, though.  I’d like to get this hat done by tomorrow.

Indy has been so stubborn lately; it’s frustrating.  I love her, but I wouldn’t have chosen her disposition if it was up to me.  She’s sweet and loving, but I’ve never met such an obstinate dog in my life.  I’m hoping that’ll be out of her system by the time we have kids.  She’s beautiful, though, eh?

Indy up close