A Foot of Hair…

For the record, I wasn’t supposed to get up for another twenty minutes or so.  Shelli decided otherwise…first, by running around like a cracked-out hamster, and second by deciding to poop in the bedroom litterbox (which is right next to my side of the bed), thereby emitting noxious fumes and scratching the side of the box trying in vain to cover up said noxious fumes.  At least she did it in the box.  And she’s cute, so she gets a pass.  Of course, in true cat fashion, she decided after I got up that she didn’t really want to play anymore.

So, yesterday, I liberated myself from something I’d been carrying around for two and a half years.

(my stylist is a friend from church and she did such a good job.  If you’re local and need to get your hair done, check out Top Notch Salon in Matthews and ask for Amber)

Yep, peace-out to the hair.  I had close to a foot, I think.  It’ll be going to Locks of Love when I get back from camping.  I still keep feeling is because it’s so light and nice.

So, I’ve got this dress fitting today.  Say a prayer/think good thoughts for me.  I’m terrified and bummed.  I hope it goes fast.

We’re also embarking on our camping trip today.  I’m excited!  I’ll be even more excited once we get the trailer backed in.  This will be Joey’s first time actually doing it other than his couple of dry runs Tuesday night.

I think we’re going to have wireless at the campground, so I’ll save my long-winded, philosophical posts until then.