Mehmehmeh…My Stomach Says “Meh.”

I was going to blog yesterday, but I started feeling kind of crappy and didn’t end up doing much of anything.  We had our Chinese, but it seems to have not agreed with me.  I got Szechuan Tofu (the sauce isn’t greasy).  On a joyous note, our second box set of MST3K came yesterday!!!!!!  So we watched two of them last night and we’re watching the third today:).

Yesterday’s breakfast was notable; I made Heather’s Protein Pancakes!

I had to make a couple of adjustments because of what I had on-hand.  I don’t have any rice protein powder (but I ordered some!!), so I made this with four egg whites, 1/4 cup pancake mix, a little vanilla and sweetener….and one TBSP unsweetened cocoa.  These were freakin’ AWESOME.  In fact, I’m thinking I’m going to make them again for dinner tonight.  Heather, as always, you are the bomb.  If you ever come through Charlotte, I’d love to meet you!

We went to the C&E Gun Show today…it’s being held at “The Park” (Charlotte Merchandise Mart) today and tomorrow.  It was a little lackluster, to be honest, but I did get a really cool replica Israeli Army paratrooper bag (it’s like a messenger bag).  I’d been wanting something Army-ish to carry.

Well, I’m going to go post over at my food blog, Eating Back to Good, and then I’m going to have some more MST3K lovin’!!