Melanie and the Case of the Missing Good Attitude…

Yep, today was the day…the day where the good mood endorphins and the emotional high of the New Years Resolutions comes to a crashing halt.  I’d been so together for the past to weeks…I’d been keeping focused at work and really making an effort and trying to keep things in perspective.

Today, I let myself get overwhelmed and the bad attitude came right back.  I thought it’d take longer, but it was like a comfortable old coat…so simple to ease back into.  I’m trying a new organizational system at work and it’s great, because it helps me to be more efficient, but it requires a lot of multitasking and there’s no discernable finish anymore, so there’s no feeling of accomplishment.  And the tasks can pile up really fast, which they started to do.  Add a few meetings to that mix, plus the start of the semester and trying to look over the coursework for my new classes, and it was a recipe for disaster today.

Cabbage and rice?  Epic dinner FAIL.  Bleh.  It was pretty tasteless and just kind of gross.  And we have a whole pot of it.  So, I had a grilled cheese sandwich and some grits.  I didn’t really want the grits, so that was another fail.  And, I misjudged the amount of cheese I was going to need for the week so Joey is going to have to go back out and get some. 

It’s not a big deal…we only spent $38 yesterday, so we’re WELL below the budget, which is awesome, but I’m just ticked at myself that I talked this big game about meal planning and didn’t bother to take a good look at the amount of cheese we’ve got and plan accordingly.

And I punked out on the gym again. 

All of these things are no big deal…just get back on the horse tomorrow…plow through the work and do what I can do…read the stuff I need to read for class and start to organize myself…find some way to repurpose the cabbage fail…and go to the gym tomorrow.