Why We Need to Learn to Be More Spontaneous…

Indy let us sleep in until about 0730, at which point Joey went out to wrangle her and I tried to sleep a bit longer, but to no avail. I weighed myself this morning (first time in a month) and was pleasantly surprised with a MAJOR success (post to come).

Holy crap, was she terrible. I had to occupy her while Joey was making breakfast and I seriously thought I was going to lose my mind. She’s doing this thing now where she dives under the couch and comes back out with something that we didn’t know was under there and that she undoubtedly should not ingest. Deep in the dark part of my heart, I’m eagerly anticipating the day that she’s too big and ends up in a bad predicament when she tries to fling herself under there.

Joey took her for her morning walk and I took the opportunity to vacuum the living room and kitchen. Those of you who’ve read for a while know that I’m slovenly. To voluntarily choose to vacuum is not only completely foreign to me, but also a frightening-yet-heartening development. I felt immediately peaceful when it was done.


This is definitely a trend that I hope continues. I could really use an inner drive to clean.

Anyway, a Facebook message from my friend Katie led a group of us into an impromptu gathering at a local park to BYOM (bring your own meat……to grill y’all…geez) and let the children (both two and four-legged) play for awhile.

Indy made a new puppy friend..


while the rest of us enjoyed hanging out in the great weather together.


Just the girls here…the boys were doing their own thing.

Indy is exhausted.


Times like these remind me that I need to be able to be more spontaneous. Usually, an impromptu hang-out request would give me immense anxiety, but this time, I just rolled with it, and turned an otherwise boring Saturday into an excellent day (and a great way to wear Indy out). Spontaneity can be a good thing.

It was an afternoon well spent.