February Photo-a-Day Challenge Roundup!


This was the first week of our February Photo-A-Day Challenge, and it’s gone pretty well. The above picture was from Day 1; the theme was “Memory.”  February 1 marked the third anniversary of the passing of my Worship Pastor and friend, Phil Chaney.

This next one is “In my bed.”  It was so freaking cold last night that I had to wear fuzzy socks (and I’m not a fan of sleeping in socks).

Fuzzy Socks, In My Bed, Photo-A-Day

Today’s theme is “Do Work” or “Doing Work.”  We trained for our 5K; we shaved 30 seconds off our average minutes-per-mile and, for the first time, I didn’t feel like I was going to die.

Running, Doing Work, Photo-A-Day

Some of my favorites this week are Katie’s “First Thing.”


Shelley’s “Shadow”


Shannon’s “Shadow”


And Marlana’s “Outdoors”


Feel free to join in; it’s not too late!