February Photo-A-Day Roundup: Week Three

Well, we’ve only got one week left in our February Photo-a-Day Challenge, and I’ve enjoyed seeing the responses on Facebook and Instagram.  Here are a few faves from the week.

Tara’s cat is objectively adorable!


Tina played in the snow and felt like a kid again!


Shelley posted a beautiful picture of the sun glinting off the ice on the trees in her neighborhood.


And Katie posted a breathtaking photo of the sun setting behind a tree.


Shelley’s “Currently Eating” pic was some delicious-looking chili.


My “Currently Eating” was some homemade Chicken Fried Rice (courtesy of Joey):image

And this wasn’t part of the photo-a-day, but I wanted to share Indy roaming the yard during our day of ice/sleet this past Tuesday.imageIt’s been a little quiet over here the last few days.  I’m in a pretty big funk and I’m trying to get out, but it’s proving to be easier said than done.

February Photo-a-Day Favorites: Round Two

It’s that time again; we’ve had an excellent week in this week’s February Photo-a-Day Challenge.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Shelley had a cute visitor in her bed for tv time!


Shannon reminded us that we need to cherish each day, for we’re not promised tomorrow.


Katie was careful not to disturb her baby:


Tina made some delicious no-bake cookies for “Love Sucks” Day!


Despite Angi’s best efforts, she got emotional over receiving her son Levi’s graduation regalia.


And yesterday, for “Love” Day, I shared a photo of all of the people I love.


Hope you’ve had a good week!

February Photo-a-Day Challenge Roundup!


This was the first week of our February Photo-A-Day Challenge, and it’s gone pretty well. The above picture was from Day 1; the theme was “Memory.”  February 1 marked the third anniversary of the passing of my Worship Pastor and friend, Phil Chaney.

This next one is “In my bed.”  It was so freaking cold last night that I had to wear fuzzy socks (and I’m not a fan of sleeping in socks).

Fuzzy Socks, In My Bed, Photo-A-Day

Today’s theme is “Do Work” or “Doing Work.”  We trained for our 5K; we shaved 30 seconds off our average minutes-per-mile and, for the first time, I didn’t feel like I was going to die.

Running, Doing Work, Photo-A-Day

Some of my favorites this week are Katie’s “First Thing.”


Shelley’s “Shadow”


Shannon’s “Shadow”


And Marlana’s “Outdoors”


Feel free to join in; it’s not too late!


February Photo-a-Day Challenge!

Since October, my friends and I have been participating in various Photo-a-Day projects; it’s been an excellent challenge and has even turned out a few marginally decent photos:

pumpkins, gourds, fall, Trader Joe's

Sun, morning, office, cubicle

Shelli, Cat, sunbeam, bliss

knitting, scarf, lacework

Until this point, I’d been picking our projects from Pinterest, which was easy, but some were pretty lackluster.  After January’s selection, our group decided that each of us would take a month and would create our own challenge.  I picked February, and here’s what we’ve got:


I’d love to see you participate!  Just make sure to tag your photos (on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram) “#February” and “#photoaday.” Tag me in the comments (@melbweaver on Instagram and @Melbo19 on Twitter); I’d love to see your pictures and (with permission, of course) I may even share some on the blog!

Why I Should Never Be Left Home Alone

It’s because I do this thing where I get depressed because I’m by myself and don’t leave the recliner for the entire day except to go to the bathroom and make (gluten free) boxed mac & cheese (thank you, Aldi!).  And cry a few times.

10714_10152784645018143_5793002656857410775_nI know, it’s pathetic, but I’m not the type that gets tired of my husband and wants him to go away for awhile.  As a result, Saturday was a little lonely (although I did binge-watch The Golden Girls and the National Figure Skating Championship).  Friday night was excellent; I had dinner and watched a movie with a couple of my very best friends.  And by Sunday afternoon, I was reunited with my other half.

There hasn’t been much de-cluttering in the last few days; I didn’t do much while Joey was gone and the last couple of days have been pretty stressful, so we’re going to have to pick up on it a little later in the week.  I’m afraid we’ve lost momentum.  Our plan is to go through the bags of “keep” clothes and see if there are any in there that we’re ready to part with upon second review.  I also want to go through my bags of yarn, frog projects that I don’t plan to finish and toss ones where the yarn can’t be salvaged.  I think that’ll probably be a Thursday project.

I’m thinking of doing a couple of weekly features on the blog: Monday Meal Plans and Wordless Wednesdays.  Two of my goals for the year were to be more diligent in meal planning and to work on my photography skills (especially after seeing Tammy Strobel’s blog and photography work done solely with her iPhone).  I’ve been doing various photo-a-day challenges on my Instagram since October (and I’m creating my own for February), but I want to take more effort on those pictures in the future and make the most of the Galaxy S5’s excellent camera.  We’ll see how it goes.

I also found this website the other day; it’s got links to THOUSANDS of free online classes (from reputable universities!!) that you can take at your own pace (some for credit, but most not).  How awesome is this?  I’ve been thinking about learning some about web design, and this affords a great opportunity.

Peace out, folks.  Hope you have an excellent Hump Day tomorrow.