ITC09: Fin, on Cat Ownership and Stress

I have the most awesome cat in the whole world.  Yes, she pees on things every now and then.  Yes, she’s totally and completely neurotic and paranoid, but she’s my little basket case and she makes my life so full:).  There’s not much better than a Kins curling up in your lap when you’re cold under the vellux blanket, or being ambushed from behind the love seat as you’re walking to bed…or hearing the pitiful little meow coming from the guest bedroom that you know is just a ploy to draw you in there to play.

I’m so very glad to be done with school for the semester; I really did enjoy it, but I definitely need a few weeks off, and now that the musical is over (I went home rather than do the last performance…wasn’t feeling great, so I figured it’d probably be better just to rest…I think it was the stress of the five projects to get done on top of this musical), I’m looking forward to having some time to myself to knit and read without feeling guilty.

That’s how I’m feeling right now;)…that’s a pic of Shelli after her first Christmas…she got more toys than we did, and she played so hard that after our parents left, she totally passed out because she was so tired.  It was SO adorable.  She’s definitely a LOVED GrandKins.

Tomorrow, we hit the gym again…we’re shooting for tomorrow, Tuesday, and Thursday.  🙂