Knitting Frustration

Here’s a pic of Shelli mid-bath.  Tonight has been a little frustrating.  The freaking Droid will not sync with Picasa, so I’m having to email my pictures to it so that I can get them on my netbook.  Seriously.  Bleh.

And, I’ve been knitting this incredibly cute baby “blanket buddy” for an upcoming baby shower, but I’m using Hobby Lobby’s Lambie Pie, which is nearly impossible to knit with and not nearly as soft as it feels at first blush (but it will be soft for the baby…just not for the poor fingers that are trying to WEDGE the needles together to knit the freaking thing).  I changed the pattern when I got to the shaping of the head because the pattern seemed like it was going to make the character’s head look like a giant SQUARE.  So, I switched and started knitting in the round and now my fingers are super sore.  Balls.

Anyway, the next baby project I’m working on will be with natural cotton, so I won’t have the same problem in a few short days:).

There are other things brewing, but nothing bloggable at this point.  That is all:).