Nut Butter Cookies, Jewish Food, and Spiralizer: Part Deux

So, it’s been a week or so of good eats in the Weaver house…I’m really glad that I’m starting to get the desire to cook again. 

First, I made Averie’s Almond Butter Cookies.  I had to make a few adjustments based on what I had available to me, though.  I subbed molasses for the maple syrup/agave nectar, and I had to add PB instead of AB…also omitted the coconut oil, but they were INCREDIBLE and very rich!  This was the dessert for my Vegan Thanksgiving feast!  Huge thanks to Averie for posting the recipe!

This past Tuesday, Joey’s friend came over for dinner and I got a wild hair to make two recipes from one of my new blog favorites, The Jew and the Carrot.

I made their Baked Eggs San Francisco and their spicy potato latkes.  What a success that was!  I will probably go a lot lighter on the flour when I make the latkes again, though.  I eyeballed it and I think that I ended up with more of a dumpling like consistency than a latke-like consistency.  However, the boys were happy with it, so I was too.

Finally, today was my second time using my new spiralizer, and I made a pretty simple meal with spiralized zuchinni and some jarred roasted red pepper alfredo sauce that we had in the fridge.

Not a great picture, I know, but I had to use the flash because I couldn’t keep my hands steady enough to take a pic without flash.  We just grated a little swiss cheese over the top and viola!  Tasty lunch!  The sauce was lower in fat, only about 5 grams per 1/4 cup, so it wasn’t really very bad.  The only thing I would have done differently was drain the zuchinni after I microwaved it (I nuked it to make it a little softer with more of a pasta-like consistency).  It does get just a little watery, but it was still fabulous.

I finished Solar Storms a little earlier and I’m processing it right now before I start my discussion posts on it.  It was a tough book to read…it amazes me how little respect we continue to have for this earth and how we appear to indigenous populations who are traditionally much more connected to it.  I also wonder what God would have to say about the way we’re treating the earth.  He commanded us to take care of it back in Genesis; that mandate didn’t go away when we got ourselves kicked out.  He just said that it would be harder from now on.  We always seem to punk out on things that require work (myself included).

Time for a little more coffee and some relaxation and then schoolwork.