I Survived the Wedding…

If you’ve been following the blog for the past year, you know how much drama the “dress saga” has created for me.  It started last December after my humiliating fitting and has continued on through my failure to lose much weight (due to circumstances both in and out of my control).  Well, it’s finally over, and I survived it, despite feeling uncomfortable both physically and emotionally.  Shannon was a beautiful bride and the wedding was lots of fun, and, as you can see, I used Joey’s tuxedo jacket to cover up during the reception.

It’s actually strange to have this all behind me.  Although I’ve been excited for my friends, personally it’s been this kind of “D-Day” that I’ve been counting down to because of “the dress.”  Now that it’s over, I almost don’t know what to do with myself.

Also, since this is the first wedding where Joey and I have both been attendants…I wouldn’t say that we were unprepared for the cost, but I don’t think that we had mentally prepared beforehand for what the final cost would be.  Needless to say, the last two months of the year are going to have to be a major crackdown for us…no more frivilous expenses.

At any rate, I’m enjoying the newfound sense of calm that’s come over the Weaver household..for now, at least;)


Apple Cider Vinegar, My Left Nostril, Kitty-Melodrama, and Shopping Woes

**edited to add**  I am absolutely not contagious.  I went to the doc on Tuesday of last week and got an antibiotic, and I am contagion-free.  Just not snot free.

I’m on the fence about this apple cider vinegar thing.  Right now, it’s just making my stomach burn and making me want to puke a little.  It hasn’t worked to clear my sinuses like all of the websites say (don’t ask which one…it’s all of them.  Trust me.).  Maybe I’m supposed to actually flush my sinuses with ACV, but I have a feeling that would burn even more.

Lingering issues are my left nostril and my left ear.  My left nostril is still stuffy and my left ear needs to pop, more specifically (I almost typed “poop”…hehe).  I have most assuredly had enough fluorescent yellow snot to last a lifetime.  I’m pretty sure that I’m going to cough up a lung during this concert at Carnegie Hall and it’ll fall onto the stage and Melinda Doolittle will slip on it and slide across the stage and into the well-dressed, mild-mannered crowd.  If you hear that story in the news next Tuesday, you’ll know I was the culprit.

Shelli is growing increasinly dramatic about her food lately…even though her bowl is still well-filled, she has taken to scratching incessantly at the office door (which stands between her and her plastic carton of food) as though she hasn’t been fed in weeks and is making her last attempt to procure nourishment before resorting to going all “Donner Party” on us in our sleep…It’s kind of cute.  But mostly annoying.  And a little unnerving.

I hate shopping.  I have to find a black dress shirt and black shoes for the NY trip.  I found a shirt, but I’m not really thrilled about it.  Whenever I shop by myself, I wander aimlessly through the store, randomly touching things, until I get frustrated and leave.  Sometimes, I’ll flip through the clearance racks, but if I can’t find something absolutely glorious for under ten bucks, I’m pretty much guaranteed some sort of inner tantrum.  This problem has only been exacerbated by the fact that I have to go to the “Women’s” section sometimes.  When in the hell did I become a “Woman?”  Not “Misses,” not “Petite.”  I grudgingly let go of the Junior’s department when I hit my mid-twenties and everything in it started looking like it came straight out of a whorehouse.  But entering into the “Women’s” department is a whole different animal…it’s like they expect you to age up a decade the minute you move into a Size 14.  I will give it one more try before I leave for NYC.