Wisdom comes with age. Time heals all wounds. It all comes out in the end. Maybe these are true?
I’ll be up late tonight; I had coffee too late and it always makes me want to stay up all night.
I cooked cabbage tonight…wish it smelled as good as it tasted. The wohle house smelled like an awful fart, which generally isn’t much different than normal, but this time it wasn’t because of me.
I wish we were back in the mountains camping right now, relaxing by the campfire with nothing to do. Life is so full of deadlines, commitments, obligations, jobs, lines, errands, whatever. And not enough time spent relaxing, thinking, praying, talking, loving, caring, helping, comforting……
The big wheel keeps us spinning around….

2 thoughts on “Smile.

    • Thank you! Sorry for the late reply to this, but Blogger doesn’t notify me when I have a comment, so I missed it. I hope you will continue reading:)

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