Gun Show, Nap-kins, Vegan Challenge Kick-Off!

That’s my little kins:)…except this afternoon, apparently she had to be exiled into her room during our nap because she was being too rambunctious. But, mostly, when we’re in the bed, she’s there too, as evidenced by the above picture that Joey took without my knowledge or permission.

Man, today was busybusybusy…we went to breakfast with my parents, went to the Dixie Gun and Knife Show, which is always super-crowded, worked on school stuff, and had dinner tonight with some friends.

The gun show was lots of fun; we got some stuff, and we saw lots of neat firearms and other self-protection items. I was looking for an old olive-drab messenger bag at the booths with old army/navy surplus stuff, but it didn’t look like any place had any. It was wall-to-wall people at any of the booths that had handguns, which is normal, so we had to weave our way through and muscle in so that we could look at things.

I’ve gotten my discussion posts done and now just have a paper due Monday…next week is mine and another girl’s week to lead the discussion for our reading in Ethnic American Lit, so it’s going to be busy on that front, too.

Tomorrow begins Mel’s Vegan Challenge week in honor of World Vegan Day!! I’m going to make cabbage and potato soup tomorrow night that we’ll have for dinner during a night of football and FUN!


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