That’s the title of the song I’m singing at a funeral today.  I’m definitely not thrilled about it…I don’t really like singing at funerals, but sometimes it’s the only way I know to help comfort people, and I really care about the family that I’m singing for today. 

We were going to go hiking today, but this is more important.  Joey also doesn’t get Monday off, so I’ll be flying solo on my day off. 

Stay tuned for some creative ventures that I’m working on and that Joey and I are working on together.  That’s really all I’ve got for right now.  I’ve got two other posts written, but I think  I’ll save those for when I’ve got something more on my mind than worrying about doing a good job singing this song in a couple of hours.


2 thoughts on “Homesick

    • Thanks! It’s good to hear from you:). I’ve been trying to keep up, especially now that classes are over for the summer. The funeral was beautiful; you could really see what a difference he had made with his life. Monday will be a day to relax! Hope you enjoy your long weekend!

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