Strings and Sealing Wax, and Other Fancy Stuff…

I just smiled singing that in my head. I have the record of Puff, the Magic Dragon. If it’s about drugs, whatever…I have such fond memories of that song and the subsequent cartoon that was made. I always thought that Jackie was so stupid for outgrowing Puff, and Puff was so sweet. And thus, I guess, began my intense fear of growing up, of outgrowing something or someone. I have no idea why the lyrics came to mind just now, but I had a very happy moment watching a little of the cartoon on YouTube.

We went to the gym after I got home from work and I did 45 minutes on the bike…I even upped myself from level 4 to level 7! When I weighed myself after I got home, I’ve lost 4.4 pounds since last week, which is awesome considering a few indiscretions that I had last week. I’m going to hit the gym again tomorrow right after work too!

I was really proud of something that my coworker, D, and I did during the last two weeks. Every quarter, we have to create a bulletin board about a randomly-assigned subject, and we’re judged on the creativity and subject matter. This quarter, we did holidays and she and I drew Thanksgiving, which made me happy since it is my favorite holiday. We ended up tying with the New Years board for third place, but I’m still very proud of our effort and think that our board looks really classy!!

Today is also the seventh anniversary of the day that Joey showed up at Weight Watchers and told me that he couldn’t imagine the rest of his life without me. It was probably one of the scariest days of my life, because I had to make a decision to make a major change, and I had to do that based solely on my heart and not on what made the most sense or what was comfortable or easy. I don’t regret it for one minute. We’ve had some rough times, mostly brought on because we were so young when we got married and we were both only children, but I am always grateful when I think back to how he “rescued” me and introduced me into this whole new world where people like you just for who you are and to his fantastic family. Soon, it will be our sixth wedding anniversary.

And finally, some WIP photos for you; this is the sweater I’m working on; the lighting isn’t that great (although the lighting in the office seems to be better than the lighting in the house), but it can give you an idea of what I’m doing. I’m just about ready to split for the armholes…I was planning on doing it tonight, but after the gym, a shower, and then making some healthy “fried” rice and now blogging, I think I’m just going to want to get in bed after this. Also, notice my totally righteous knitting bag!! It was a gift from our friends at Prudential Financial, and it’s perfect because it’ll hold a big skein of yarn and you can draw the top shut so that only the yarn can feed out. I love repurposing things and being frugal!


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