I hope this shows up the way it does in my blog uploader.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a picture of the whole rainbow together, so I had to take a pic of each side, and you can imagine the middle.  It was so amazing to see a full rainbow…you know, you usually just see a little streak of one, or maybe even half of one, but to see the entire rainbow across the sky…it’s just really cool.  I was glad I got the pic when I did…as soon as Joey and I came back outside, it was gone.

So, I went to the Southern Christmas Show yesterday…got some novelty socks and some flavored coffee and sore feet, but that was about it.  Mom got some really pretty jewelry, though.  And, of course, nothing says “Christmas” like hoardes of rude people, pushing you out of the way and running over your feet with their giant double strollers for their screaming children.  We had a wheelchair for Mom, just because her leg tires out quickly due to her back issue, and I was totally amazed by the amount of people who would push in front of us so they wouldn’t have to be behind the wheelchair.  I wasn’t even going slowly…geez.  Anyway, after having had my Christmas spirit roundly squashed, we left a few dollars poorer.  I did get my spirit back today, though, after listening to the Trans Siberian Orchestra CD that my mom got and didn’t like.  MAN, I wish our Church would do something like what they do next year…a fusion of our orchestra and our band from The Lift…it would be freaking awesome!

It wasn’t a totally terrible week-in-food, although I can probably pretty safely say that I managed to get derailed about once a day, which sucked.


This was my lunch one day…just fresh broccoli, green peppers, cabbage, and some roasted red pepper hummus.  I made that hummus last most of the workweek (after having a little on Sunday at lunch).

There were oats:


Of the chocolate peanut butter variety…this had just a spoon of unsweetened cocoa powder and some natural Jif PB.

And, of course:


Oats-in-the-jar ala Heather.  There really wasn’t enough PB left to try to scrape out to take with me to work, so I just tossed my dry oats in the PB jar and added a little hot water and let them soak for a while at the office…then, a breakfast of PB goodness:).

Also, I ate copious amounts of leftover chili:


I have to say, I did a good job with this chili, seriously.  I just did two cans of each pintos, red beans, black beans, and ro-tel, a 28 oz can of crushed tomatoes, half a can of corn, 2 diced onions, and handful after handful of chili powder, cumin, and garlic, and a splash of honey.  I would have made it spicier, but we were having a friend over who doesn’t do very well with spicy food.

I have GOT to get my relationship with food under control…I don’t even know how or where to begin, really..it’s just so overwhelming, after years and years of food being comfort to try to think of food as fuel.  And, since I’m such an emotional person anyway, and someone who needs a constant feeling of security, I find myself looking for comfort in food way too often.

What are your methods for making sense of the mind/body connection in regards to food??


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