Valentine’s Exorcism Fun!

Like my Valentines Day gift?  Now Joey and I both have wedding bands with skulls on them!


It’s been a day of relaxing so far…watching Maury and waiting for Joey to get back home.  We’re taking advantage of the coupon book that we bought last year and going out to a new place for dinner…I’ve got two picked out, one in Myers Park and one in Dilworth.  We’ll see where we end up.

I have come to the realization that I’m not going to be able to stay sane, lose weight, do well in Middle-Eastern Lit and successfully complete a thesis within the next six weeks.  I got an email about graduation and they actually allow graduate students who have completed all other requirements to do a “summer graduation” at no additional cost.  My thesis would have to be submitted by July 18th…of course I’d have it done before that…I wouldn’t want it hanging over my head before my birthday, but it would give me a couple of additional months to work on it and I could quit doing a half-arsedL job in Middle Eastern Lit and instead really enjoy my last class of the program.  Sounds like a winner to me!  I emailed my advisor yesterday and she’s already let the appropriate people know, and I can’t *tell* you the weight that’s been lifted off me.  I feel like I won’t have to put the whole rest of my life on hold, and honestly, the anxiety had gotten to the point that I was nearly catatonic when I got home from work in the evenings.  Now I can actually spend time with friends and work on taking care of myself, too.

Last night was such an excellent night…we went over to Shannon’s house and hung out by the bonfire with her ad James and her folks.  It was like old times.  I missed that.


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