Apparently, I am Codependent (Thank God for the French Press)

So, yeah….you know the stereotype of the husband who can’t function when his wife is away for a few days?  You’ve seen the scenario played out on numberous sitcoms…when the wife gets back, the husband is in a filthy house, surrounded by pizza boxes and snot-nosed children running amok.  Apparently, for us, the reverse is true (less the aforementioned snot-nosed children).  Joey’s away for his “Bachelor Weekend” with James and Cory.  Friday night, the girls (Shannon, Kris, and I) got together and had a great time with a chick flick (that I survived) and plenty of late-night talking.  I ended up getting home at 4 am.  And woke up at 7.  So, I emailed my folks to let them know that I wouldn’t be coming up to Charlotte to spend the day with them, and I intended to spend the day working on my thesis.  And then there was a marathon of The Golden Girls.  So, I amended my goal and decided just to get my research read.  And then I got lonely and ended up spending the entire day watching The Golden Girls and The Soup reruns and reading articles on 

Shelli vascillated between napping on my lap and napping on the arm of the recliner.  At 10, I almost decided to just forget about going to bed and passing out on the couch.  But I decided that, since I never get the chance to sprawl out right in the middle of our double bed, I would go.  And I couldn’t get to sleep.  So, I read more articles and checked Facebook every five minutes.  Even though I knew that everyone else was smart enough to go to bed.  I don’t know when I actually got to sleep.  When my alarm went off at 6 to get ready for church, I wasn’t having it.  I decided that I’d reset it for 7 and just go to Life Group and sing in the 9:30 and 11.  And then I got overwhelmed at the thought of battling the parking lot by myself.  And I had a headache.  So, here you find me, skipping church, unbathed, with a kitchen that looks like a trash-bomb went off.  I think I’ll be able to get myself bathed in time to meet Mom and Dad for lunch.  At least I found some leftover Seattle’s Best and our French Press.  So I have coffee.

Incidentally, I found my poetry portfolio from my Creative Writing class I took in Spring of ’02.  I’ll share one with you that ended up getting published in Wingate’s Literary Magazine that year (Counterpoint)

The Praying Mantis

They say that he-
while sitting patiently
very still, with green arms
… folded just so–
They say that he,
with big black-olive eyes,
pleading to God…
They say that he
only sits that way
to catch his food…
But I think
*I* think that…maybe,
just maybe
like the rest of us,
simply praying to get by

–Melanie Boyter, *Counterpoint*, Wingate University, 2002


5 thoughts on “Apparently, I am Codependent (Thank God for the French Press)

  1. Overwhelming thoughts of the parking lot at church, yes! I loose my religion in the parking lot at church. Good thing I’m at church and can get re-saved all over again. Lord have mercy.

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