Happiness is…

Shelli, home, Joey, Mom and Dad, blanket, Simba, The Monkees, pumpkin, spices, baking, Easter eggs, Puss, bedroom, routine, consistency, Halloween, chopsticks, books, Barbara Kingsolver, education, school, nature, animals, writing, reptiles, Ranger Rick, horses, fox bats, MST3K, M*A*S*H, Joseph Conrad, T.S. Eliot, knitting, crochet, yarn, free, sale, thrift, smart, zoo, mountains, beach, vacation, morning, hug, flea market, yard sale, cruise, Waco, TX, tiramisu, Olympics, focus, research, library, Wingate, literature, homemaking, gardening, sustainability, Chinese Food, veggie sushi, Trader Joe’s, Thanksgiving, Christmas, snow days, fireplace, Snoopy, Woodstock, turtles, Faith, church, friends, God, Sheresh, Laurainne Snelling, bed, snow, autumn leaves, turkey, Fall Festivals, hayrides, concerts, youth, security, stability, editorials, blogging, photography, Christmas Show, streams, clouds, sunshine, breeze, salsa, peaches, pens, safety, kitties, fall, spring, magazines, road trips, winter, moon, stars, blue, purple, red, orange, Union County, classic rock, predictability, peace, harmony, relaxation, languages, oldies, TV, sweet potatoes, accomplishment, success, love.


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