RIP, Dear Sweet Lady…

She was ten years old, and she was my husband’s grandma’s dog. His grandma passed away four years ago almost. Now, Lady is with her in Heaven. She was a beautiful, sweet friend.

Such is life, I suppose. They are with us for much too short of a time. They, too, were punished because of our original sin, and I feel that guilt every time we say goodbye…honestly, every time I see one of God’s creatures hit on the side of the road. I know that most fundamentalist preachers will tell you that they aren’t as important, and I do understand that, but I also believe in our responsibility to care for all creatures, especially those who had no control over what our sin did to them.
In memory, since I’m grieving all over again today, here’s a picture of my sunshine, Puss, who passed away on Dec. 7th, 2007:


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