Good Day, Bad Day? Who Knows…

That was a good day. Today? Yes, and no. I’m feeling pretty tense all over and my ear was feeling pretty “cottony” earlier, but I got some stuff for it and now it feels much better. My calf muscles are insanely sore, and I have absolutely no idea what I did over the weekend to injure them, but I know for sure that they’re not happy at all.

I had a long nap yesterday and then went to bed early last night, but I still woke up feeling exhausted and almost fell asleep on the way to work more than once. I felt off-kilter at work all day, like I was having trouble getting into what I was doing (moreso than just the normal laziness that plagues all of us in the cubicle world;)), and now that I’m home, I’m feeling sluggish and tired. I made some noodles and powdered cheese, as it’s usually my go-to comfort food (I don’t use the milk and butter to save fat grams), and it didn’t really do much good, either.

It was an incredibly emotionally draining weekend, for sure, which wasn’t entirely unexpected.

I’m feeling pretty disgusted with all of the clutter in the house.

And I’m pretty sure that I could crawl into bed right now and sleep a full night’s sleep.

I can’t wait to do it all over again tomorrow.


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