Pew Pew Pew!!

Here I am taping the target up so that we can reuse him. We’re frugal even in our firing range practices;).And here’s my mom wreaking major havoc on her target (and Dad keeping her steady so she didn’t knock herself backwards onto her butt).

Yesterday was a lot of fun. My aim isn’t too bad, honestly! But I will say that the indoor range was muuuch louder than shooting outdoors at Shannon’s grandparents’ house. I kept jumping any time someone else fired. But, a good time was had by all and that’s the point!

It’s been a relaxed, but strange weekend. Usually, James and Shannon are over either one or both nights. This weekend was spent solitarily, with lots of sleep, and with Joey working to set up his website for his class he’s teaching at Wingate starting next week. Uneventful and relaxed? Yes, which has been nice, but I missed the comfort of knowing that we’d see some of our closest friends.

School starts this week.


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