Tired Blog…

Man, it’s been a long (but pretty good) day. Our Life Group fellowship almost didn’t happen, between the combo of the overcast skies and a large group that had the picnic shelter filled, we didn’t even think we’d be able to have it in the park, and to top it off, Joey thought he’d bought match-light charcoal, which didn’t prove to be the case after he used an entire bottle of lighter fluid and the charcoal still wouldn’t hold a flame. It was a dramatic situation.

Cory was nice enough to make a special, smaller pot of chli without meat, which i thought was very sweet of him. I knew that “pickins'” would likely be pretty slim because we were focusing on hamburgers and hot dogs, but I did end up having something tasty to eat.

Then, we gathered at our house for a night of football since we’ve got a crowd of Colts fans in our life these days.

I’m starting to lose consciousness while blogging, so this’ll have to be it for the night.


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