Our Freezing Weekend of Camping Fun!

So, rather than doing an uber-long post about the camping trip, I’ll post some photos and then do a little list-style synopsis at the end…

Shannon in the tent, very shortly after we got it set up.
A Veggie Parmesan sub from the Smoky Mountain Sub Shop. We stopped there while we were enjoying Waynesville’s Apple Festival.

Joey, making a stilly face while cooking chili and keeping an eye on our coffee…

Shannon, warming by the fire at breakfast Sunday morning

Moonshine Creek, which smelled a little like sewage…
  1. We will not be going back to Moonshine Creek. The staff was really nice, but the sites were too close together and we originally had a site where we would have had to carry everything by HAND across the creek (no car access). That would have been unfortunate since we had 1/2 a truck bed full of firewood. We got our site changed, thankfully. The campground was also really small. But the bathrooms were clean.
  2. Every meal, save for the one that we ate out, was cooked over an open fire. Joey was an AWESOME cook!!
  3. It was 37 when we woke up Saturday. The high was 48. It was 31 when we woke up Sunday.
  4. It sleeted on Saturday night.
  5. Electric blankets in the tent are the BEST IDEA EVER.
  6. Camping without James is noticeably quieter at night. Enough Said.
  7. It’s hard to knit while bundled up like an eskimo.
  8. Mountain people are strange.
  9. Senior Citizen cloggers ROCK!!
  10. Men + Fire = singing hair off something.
  11. Watching a group of kids from App standing in the dark freezing because they didn’t know what they were doing was a riot.

That’s all I can think of for now. It was a good weekend. Even with the freezing temps and sleet, I wish I was still there.


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