Linkitty Wednesday and Other Things…

Like father, like daughter, I suppose.  Life with a kitty is nothing if not an adventure every day.  This morning, Shelli decided that she wanted to play “Scarykins” as I was leaving.  For those of you not well-versed in “Kins” speak, “Scarykins” is where she either chases me and then makes me chase her, or she sneaks up on me and flies out at me from nowhere and then runs away.  She is INCREDIBLY well-practiced at this…she’s like a little ninja, really.

Her favorite thing right now is to “Scarykins” you and then run into her room (our guest bedroom), where we’ve kept the giant water-heater box for her to play in.  She hides, and waits for you to look through the hole in the top of the box, and then charges you and bats your face.  So, here I am with my bag on my shoulder and a mug of coffee in my hand…in uncomfortable high-heels, trying to shuffle through the kitchen so that she can run out and “Scarykins” me before I go off to the salt mines for yet another day of corporate paradise.

So, I always write random and usually worthless stuff….today, I wanted to include some posts that I’ve really enjoyed over the past few days from the blogs that I read regularly.  I suggest that you check each of these out and subscribe to them if you like what you read.  And HEY!!  If you’re reading this, maybe you should freaking subscribe to mine, eh??  Ok, here we go:

Cupcake Punk’s Sweet Potato Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Pecan Cookies.  Holy crap what a mouthful.  I’ve never really thought about using sweet potato as a cookie ingredient, but 1) it makes perfect sense, and 2)there are TONS of sweet potatoes to be found right now at great prices.  I have a bag of them on the counter right now just begging to be turned into some *sucks in a big breath* Sweet Potato Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Pecan Cookies *whew*…

Ange’s Whittle my Middle in Thirty Days Challenge.  There’s no saying that you can’t go ahead and start this even though it’s already begun, technically.  Plank poses are SO hard…I found myself losing balance, shaking, and then dropping to the floor.  I can feel your confidence in my ability to do yoga, people…

Yogiclarebear’s Positivity Post.  This post is absolutely incredible, and it’s from a Christian perspective!  I just started reading Clare’s blog today, but suffice it to say that I am totally hooked, and will be spending my free time tomorrow catching up on her archives.  There is much to be gleaned from her post about our own attitudes and where/how to change them.

This is probably enough to keep you away from the real world for now.  I think I’m going to try to journal a little and brush the choppers and hopefully head to bed.  It was a long, long day, but it definitely wasn’t a bad one.

Hug a Kins tonight (but only if they’re willing).

Not at all a “willing” face:

BACK OFF, Mommy…


2 thoughts on “Linkitty Wednesday and Other Things…

  1. hey thanks for mentioning my positivity post! so glad you are into it too. 🙂 im looking forward to getting into your blog and learning more about you too!

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